1. Kitchen Knives
    2. Kitchen Knives

      Kitchen knives are perfect choices for chefs and housewives.Available with a great variety of knife blade length, they can be used to prepare herbs, meats, vegetables and fruit.

    1. Knife Sets
    2. Knife Sets

      A basic set of knives is essential for even the smallest kitchens. Our knife sets, mostly consisting of a set of kitchen knives, a pair of scissors, a sharpening steel and a knife block.

    1. Wooden Utensils
    2. Wooden Utensils

      Wooden utensils are just what every kitchen needs. They can be made of different types of wood, and will not damage your non-stick cookware.

    1. Wooden Utensil Sets
    2. Wooden Utensil Sets

      Including spoons, turners, and a pasta fork, a wooden utensil set is commonly seen in kitchen cupboards. Made from wood, these kitchen utensils are easy for cleaning.

We are specialised in producing wooden kitchen utensils and kitchen knives

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